Nonton Film Singularity (2017) full movie Subtitle Indonesia

Singularity (2017) full movie Subtitle Indonesia

Singularity (2017) full movie Subtitle IndonesiaReview Singularity (2017)
In 2020, the CEO of a robotics company, Elias van Dorne (Cusack), unleashes his invention Kronos, a supercomputer created to end all war on Earth. When Kronos comes online, it deems mankind the biggest threat and goes about launching an attack using robots worldwide to eradicate all humans from the planet. Elias and Damien Walsh, having uploaded themselves into Kronos, watch the destruction unfold.
97 years later, Andrew, a young man who came under attack when Kronos destroyed the world, awakens in the ruins of the world he once knew. Observed by Elias and Damien from within Kronos, Andrew meets up with Calia, another teenager seeking the fabled Aurora. Aurora is a fabled last settlement of humanity where the last of the human race is safe. At first reluctantly taking Andrew along, Calia begins to fall in love with Andrew and vice versa.

During an attack by human marauders, Andrew displays superhuman strength and resilience. The next morning, Andrew and Calia discover machinery in a wound Andrew has taken, revealing that he is not human. After Calia abandons Andrew, both are captured and taken before Damien. Damien reveals that Andrew is the first of a new generation of machines, designed to weed out the remaining human survivors. However, Andrew was created with an adaptive algorithm and the memories of the original Andrew who is long dead. As a result, the memories of the original Andrew are exerting control over his robotic self. To Damien's shock, Andrew is able to override attempts to reprogram him and escape with Calia.

Following their escape, Andrew and Calia spot the lights of what they believe to be Aurora, but only find a robot city. The two are confronted by Damien who reveals that Andrew's true purpose has always been to locate Aurora for Kronos. Damien and Elias order a carpet bombing of the area, driving Andrew and Calia underground into a high-tech room. Reacting to the presence of a human, the room reveals itself to be the control room of a space ship which sets course for Aurora. With Kronos' bombs approaching, Andrew and Calia activate the ship's hyperdrive to escape despite the threat that when they reach Aurora, the humans there will destroy Andrew due to his robotic nature.

Now possessing the location of Aurora, Elias betrays and kills Damien. Andrew and Calia arrive at Aurora which proves to be a lush planet with futuristic cities. In a voiceover, Calia proclaims that Kronos will come after Aurora, but that with Andrew, a machine that may be more human than anyone else, they stand a chance. Watching a massive fleet launching towards Aurora, Elias proclaims that the last of humanity will face their fate once he reaches Aurora.

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