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Film Dead Sexy (2018) Full Movie
Review Film Dead Sexy (2018) Full Movie
This erotic thriller makes its intentions clear in the opening seconds, with a lingering sexual encounter, quickly followed by a murder. It's a by-the-numbers retread of Basic Instinct, with genre specialist Shannon Tweed as a cop tracking a serial killer who's targeting high-class prostitutes. The plot, which sees Tweed going undercover and falling for the enigmatic chief suspect, offers nothing new, although the handful of bedroom sequences are far more explicit than many of its kind. The film's biggest surprise is that Tweed remains fully clothed for almost the entire running time.
A Los Angeles police detective tracks down a serial killer targeting the city's escort girls, but the hunt for her prime suspect creates unexpected results. Thriller, starring Shannon Tweed, John Enos and Sam Jones.
Kate McBain Shannon Tweed
Blue John Enos
Capt Snyder Kenneth White
Billy Trainer Eric Keith
Lilliana Mary Shannon

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