Nonton Film Keys to the Heart (2018) Full Movie

Nonton Film Keys to the Heart (2018) Full Movie Sub Indonesia

Film Keys to the Heart (2018) Full Movie
Review Film Keys to the Heart (2018) Full Movie
If you’re looking for a film to satisfy your demand for warm fuzzy feelings, look no further. ‘Keys To The Heart’ is a heartwarming movie that will bring a smile to your face by the end of the film.

The movie revolves around two brothers Kim Jo Ha (Lee Byung Hun) and Oh Jin Tae (Park Jung Min) as they struggle to get along despite their differences and accept each other as family. Keys To The Heart will warm your heart with its formulaic plot line.

A has-been boxer Jo Ha resents his mother Joo In Sook (Yoon Yuh Jung) for leaving him years ago with his abusive father. However one day, he meets her on the streets by chance and takes up her offer to come live with her and his autistic younger brother Jin Tae.

Jin Tae is a musical savant who is impossible to dislike with his innocent demeanor and childish tendencies. However, he possesses a great talent for playing the piano and video games.

Both brothers initially have conflict, further fueled by In Sook’s bias towards Jin Tae due to his autism. This causes a deeper rift between In Sook and Jo Ha, despite In Sook’s wishes to reconcile with her son. Jo Ha merely sees her as a person who provides free food and lodging.

One day, In Sook, tells Jo Ha to take care of his younger brother as she is leaving Seoul to work in Busan for a month. Both brothers then learn to accept and live with each other despite having nothing in common except for their mother and a pianist named Han Ga Yul.

The film is easy to follow and has a simple plotline that warms the heart. As the film progresses, it gets slightly cliche but redeems itself by showcasing the relationship between a mother and her sons. The rapport between both brothers could have been developed further but it suffices with the main focus being a mother-son movie.

Looking past the could-haves, while Lee Byung Hun never disappoints with his veteran acting skills, Park Jung Min was the one who shone and awed the audience with his portrayal as a man with level 2 autism. He paid attention to the slightest actions and details to make it a good portrayal, one that would deeply move and touch the audience. Just an ending note, you might want to get your tissues ready before-hand!

Running Time: 121 minutes
The Seoul Story’s Ratings: 3.8/5 🌟
We would like to extend our huge thanks to mm2 Entertainment for the invite to the movie premiere! 🙂

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