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Film Patient Zero (2018) Full Movie
Review Film Patient Zero (2018) Full Movie
The global outbreak of a virus that turns people into “the infected” has taken over the world. The mankind is on the brink of extinction. Those who are still alive, are forced to hide underground, in heavily protected military bunkers.

Morgan (Matt Smith) is not human anymore, yet not completely “infected” either. Having been bitten once, he didn’t turn into an infected, yet somehow he’s able to communicate with those, who are no longer human. His ability allows having some hope for a cure, which is believed to be Patient Zero – the first infected human, who started spreading the disease. What Morgan and the rest don’t know, is that “the infected” are getting smarter and smarter…

“Patient Zero” isn’t exactly new – the film was shot in 2015, and was to be released in 2016. Yet it was pushed back further, and eventually wasn’t released until 2018, for some reasons.

So now that it has been released, let’s see what is “Patient Zero”.

One thing it isn’t – it’s not original. Everything the film offers, from story to action, we’ve already seen many times before. This doesn’t mean the film is a complete disaster, so let’s keep going.

The acting is nothing to be super excited about, except maybe for Stanley Tucci, who once again proves to be a great actor even in a film like this. “Patient Zero” is obviously way below Tucci’s standards, yet he somehow manages to make his character stand out.

Same can’t be said of the leads – Matt Smith and Natalie Dormer. Smith, who is British, speaks with an American accent throughout the whole film, and while he sounds ok, you can feel it’s forced. Dormer, while speaking her native British, adds nothing to her blank character of “Dr. Gina Rose”, except for being super sexy.

The rest of the characters are even more cliché, and not worth mentioning. This goes for “the infected” too.

“Patient Zero” isn’t gory or super intense, yet with all the above, the ending leaves a room for a possible sequel.

Knowing that the film was shelved for three years before getting a limited release, it’s doubtful a sequel will be in the works any time soon.

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