Nonton Film Di Renjie zhi Sidatianwang (2018) Full Movie

Nonton Film Di Renjie Zhi Sidatianwang (2018) Full Movie Sub Indonesia

Review Film Di Renjie Zhi Sidatianwang (2018) Full Movie
Ever since Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Chinese films have made their mark with dazzling special effects to accompany historic fiction or faction.
Here, movie-makers again take a huge license with the history of famous ancient detective Di Renjie who was active in the seventh century.
He is portrayed by Mark Chao as a Sherlock Holmes-like who can also hold his own as a swordsman and magician,
Indeed, magic is fundamental to a movie which centres on political intrigue as well as the good old revenge.
It stars Carina Lau as Empress Wu who is envious of the rise to official power of Dee and gathers a group of sorcerers to see him off.
She also demands that Dee's best friend (Feng Shaofeng) lead the operation against him - lying that no injury would come to Dee and his family.
There is a very intricate web woven around the basic plot with love and betrayal coming to the fore.
However, let's face it, fans aren't going to concentrate on that. They want to see great beasts, flying fights and the fastest swordplay ever seen on a screen.
And they get it all.
Of course, Detective Dee is fantasy but, in my opinion, the huge monster and giant albino gorilla are a tad overdone.
The same could be said of one of the detective's team falling for one of the assassins who has set out to kill him.
As with many Chinese movies, Tsui Hark's picture is hectic - indeed, it is not always easy to follow the plot.
It is also too long - both Mrs W and I found our minds wandering because it felt stretched.
But it is vibrant, fun, packs many a punch and really should not be taken too seriously. On balance, I would recommend it.

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