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Review Film I am Vengeance (2018) Full Movie
“I am vengeance” is a simple revenge story about an ex-soldier turned mercenary John Gold (Stu Bennett), who learns about a brutal murder of his friend and looks to avenge his death.

The trail leads him to a small town of British town of “Devotion”, where “no one knows anything”, the police are idle, and a bunch of former special forces soldiers led by Hatcher (Gary Daniels) runs a drug operation.

As already mentioned, “I am vengeance” uses the story about a killed friend as an excuse to show off how Brits handle their issues in some cases, using radical methods.

Stu Bennett is also one of the pro wrestlers that is trying himself in the film business. While his looks contribute to his huge potential as an action star, Bennett’s problem is that even when he’s the lead protagonist (as he is in this film), he still looks like a villain.

His character has every reason to be angry, and gives us no reason not to root for him, and yet he still somehow isn’t really believable as “the hero”. Hopefully, as the times goes on, it’ll get better.

Gary Daniels meanwhile, who has done it all during his extensive career in action films, reminds that he’s just as good playing the villain. While aged (his character’s mustache makes him look even older!), Daniels proves to still be perfectly capable of delivering superb action scenes, specifically those with martial arts. He clearly outshines Stu Bennett in this respect.

By the way, intentionally or not, one of the scenes towards the end in “I am Vengeance” reminds Schwarzenegger’s “Commando” a lot. Not as vivid, not as tongue-in-cheek, yet the genre fans will appreciate.

Coming back to the story, “I am Vengeance” suffers from several rather dull plot holes, but everything about this film (lead stars, the poster, synopsis, etc) simply screams at you not to pay too much attention to the story.

This is about action, not the story. So, we’ll take “I am Vengeance” for what it is, and it doesn’t seem to be that bad.

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