Nonton Film The Ninth Passenger (2018) Full Movie

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Film The Ninth Passenger (2018) Full Movie
Review Film The Ninth Passenger (2018) Full Movie
What a confused mess The Ninth Passenger is. A horror movie that really doesn’t seem to know what it wants to be. It has a badly told story, it is poorly shot, embarrassingly edited and horribly acted. A horrid mess that is more likely to put you to sleep than anything else.

A group of young adults party hard on a luxury yacht but something or someone starts picking them off. It’s as boring as it sounds.

Ninth Passenger 2
Early on it gives off the impression that it might be a paranormal horror then it leans more to towards a slasher before turning into a conspiracy theory/bad science film. By the time we reach that stage though, you won’t care one bit about what happens next even though this is the only time anything action-based even happens.

Ninth Passenger 3
It’s such a slog, an absolute chore to drag your way through. The plot is the main problem but it’s not helped by the cast. With so many actors and actresses, you’d think at least one would stand out but they don’t. The characters are so basic even their names will escape you at the end. Throw in the most absurd reactions to bad events and wooden dialogue and what we end up with here is an unwatchable cast.

A serious issue for a film that is filled with so much talking. They’re all so stupid too!

Ninth Passenger 4
Put off yet? Well, how about the amateurish camera work that makes you feel like you’re watching a student project? The muffled sound and jarring tones? The bad editing that makes you feel like you’re watching sections out of order?

Walking to the bathroom at night is tenser that this ‘horror’ film. A contender for the worst film of 2018 by some margin.

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