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I needed to sleep on Fabio Mollo’s second feature (His first, Il Sud È Niente), in fact, I had a (rather unpleasant) dream about it. Something was bothering me about this sideways love story and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but I think I’m ready to say what I feel about it.

Il Padre D’Italia made me very uncomfortable, but is this Fabio Mollo’s fault or anxiety born from my own personal problems? After thinking about it, I know that this uncomfortable feeling is on me.

“There is a Light” (Why didn’t they just translate it literally,”Father of Italy”? I love that title) centers around Paolo (Luca Marinelli), a lonely gay man who’s coming off a bad breakup and not handling it very well. We don’t know why this guy is particularly broken up by this breakup until later in the film, but let’s just say he has insecurities that are legitimate and heartbreaking.

Was it his homosexuality that I found troublesome? Nope, I’m no homophobe. Was it his road-trip traveling companion, Mia’s (Isabella Ragonese) careless approach to impending motherhood too painful to watch? Not really. It was interesting, but not particularly excruciating. When the two of them first headed out on their quest to find the father of Mia’s baby I did kind of feeling like slapping her, though. I could see that Paolo was warming up to her free-spirited carelessness, but I was not.

Why? After giving this some thought, I’m going to say it’s because I saw what was coming and it made me too sad. I knew that after meeting Mia’s mom (played by the spectacular Anna Ferruzzo) and others along the way that Mia’s story wasn’t capable of a happy ending. The two of them, Paolo and Mia display a cavalcade of raw emotions and Mollo’s created two characters that are consistent and authentic, sad souls who are very much like those we pass on the street every day and either ignore or are made uncomfortable by in real life.

Again, after thinking about it, I can see that Luca Marinelli is truly one of Italy’s very best actors; time after time he invariably delivers knock-out performances with a giant range of characters.

But Mollo shows us that these truly messy lives are their own type of miracle, and the best kind of miracles happen to the people who really need them.

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