Nonton Film Constantine: City of Demons – The Movie (2018) Full Movie

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Film Constantine: City of Demons – The Movie (2018) Full Movie
Review Film Constantine: City of Demons – The Movie (2018) Full Movie
Constantine: City of Demons The Movie is finally upon us. Some of you may know it from CW Seed or its première at WonderCon 2018. This is its first time on home release and how does it stand up?

The premise of Constantine: City of Demons
City of Demons follows the Constantine we know and love played by Matt Ryan. Does it exist in the Arrowverse you ask? Hard to say, it does exist in the same universe as the Justice League Dark animated movie though. If you have not seen that movie, no worry, Justice League Dark is not needed to understand and comprehend The City of Demons.

Constantine is up to his usual shtick of isolation, chain-smoking and going nowhere aimlessly. He is then contacted by his close friend Chas Chandler, whose daughter is in trouble. In order to save Chas’ daughter, he must face the demon Beroul, who is competing with Hell. Other demons intertwine with these happenings as Constantine has to travel to Los Angeles and knows sacrifices along the way. We even face Constantine’s past as it ties in with all of this dark magic.

Where Constantine’s magic is strong
No doubt it is great to have Matt Ryan back as Constantine. Fans’ new favorite is becoming to Constantine as Kevin Conroy does to Batman. Other great talents on board are Laura Bailey and Jim Meskimen. Sure, this is not the usual players from other DC Universe Animated movies, but it does offer the movie with some freshness. Plus, this one of the first few DC Universe Animated movies without Batman. It always felt unnecessary to carry the Dark Knight in Justice League Dark.

The animation and music hold up well. Anytime the magic breaks out, you cannot help but notice! It truly feels like you are entering a different realm and almost a different movie, and I mean that as a good thing. Couple this with Kevin Riepl’s score and you truly have an enticing presentation. With Los Angeles as the main backdrop of the film, it only adds to this movie standing out on its own. Constantine: City of Demons is not looking to tell some large, in-universe title and just hammer home for DC fans. It looks to tell an intriguing story and dares to be different, by plucking the swindler out of London.

In comparison to other DC Universe Animated movies, Constantine: City of Demons has some of the best pacings. Rather it is Batman or Justice League, earlier films feel almost too action-centric. They end up as fight over-the-top action scenes strung together by somewhat thin storytelling and ending up as by-the-numbers storytelling. The movie offers more drama with his past, his deal-making, his friend and the life of a girl. Much more is at stake and the ending comes as a surprise, an emotional one.

Where Constantine’s magic falters
Yes, Constantine: City of Demons has better pacing and is not jam-packed with action. Sadly, the movie gets packed with exposition. We get expository from almost all major characters, friend and foe alike. Sure, one gets the handicap of showing us, but still while telling us. This stems from the mythos of Constantine are not as known as Batman or Superman.

Matt Ryan does sound a bit off. No, the man is not phoning it again. Yet, there is something different it feels. Does Matt Ryan have a cold perhaps? It may even be that direction ask him to play it less CW and live action as if they wanted the same actor for two different versions of the character. The English accents feel lesser and even the lingo is a bit downplayed. He comes off as a weaker Constantine in an odd sense.

Finally, Constantine coming to the New 52 has always been problematic. The Hellblazer series has its own narrative, style, and edge to it under Vertigo. No doubt, it is cool to have him mingle with DC characters. The Hellblazer series shows he does not need them. Watching this, one cannot help but wonder how intrinsically different City of Demons would be if not part of the main universe. Instead, treat it as an Elseworld, with a different artistic style, animation, and overall presentation. I dare say in the end, Constantine: City of Demons still feels relatively clean.

The special features are minimal. You get “The Sorcerers Occultist – Understanding John Constantine” and “Constantine: City of Demons WonderCon Panel – 2018”. Still, this movie is worth checking out, as both something different from the other titles. Plus, we still have a small library of material outside of the comics.

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